013: The Oasis pt 1

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In 'The Oasis pt 1' Mike and Juslin sit down with Joe Trainor Jr. and Erik Carlson of 1Pet1Vet, to discuss the mission and focus of their organization. Check out their site to learn more!




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The Oasis sits fifty miles south of Chicago and just a quarter mile inside of the Indiana state line. It's an eighty acre parcel of land that has been overrun by veterans.  You turn off the main road into open country, finally reaching a long driveway, at the end of which, is a compound of buildings. The grounds are well maintained and orderly. A handful of support dogs mingle throughout the property. It all seems very…pleasant. 

Then Joe Trainor Jr. comes screaming up on an ATV and all hell breaks loose....

The Oasis is his brainchild. The facility provides an environment where veterans can feel comfortable having fun. Joe and the team make it a point to treat everyone like family. The property has a variety of fun things to do such as archery, marksmanship, fishing; while offering a serene place to relax and hang out.

"The Oasis is a sanctuary for all veterans."

Joe initially founded the 1pet1vet organization. Their mission is to partner rescued dogs with veterans in need of support. In order to provide that level of support, the organization needed to expand to a property that could suit their needs and accomplish an, even wider, range of veteran initiatives.


The Oasis allows 1pet1vet the space and resources needed to accomplish numerous objectives with one solid mission in mind; to bring veterans together under a blanket of support and security, while offering hope and stability.



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