067: Ryan Ottosen, Marine Combat Veteran, Real Estate Entrepreneur

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Marine combat veteran Ryan Ottosen joins Sebastian and Mike for some smokin’ & jokin’ on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. Ryan joined the Corps in the mid 90’s and had already gotten out when 9/11 happened. He immediately reactivated and joined the fight and deployed to various spots around the globe. In 2003 he was one of the proud few to step off on the invasion of Iraq as an 0331.

After evolving back into veteran, Ryan began selling homes during the financial crisis. He was making a killing in the SoCal market and wanted to help fellow veterans get housing. Many vets receive VASH vouchers for housing. More often than not, these veterans are sent to craigslist to find their next home. The VASH system can be difficult for some to understand. Ryan takes all of the anxiety out of the process by helping the vet navigate the system and get setup with the housing they need.

Ryan is a solid warrior and an inspiration to those whose ambition it is to help vets. Check out the VASH network that he has setup. Listen to this episode and share with you networks.

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