093: Marine Corps Marksmanship

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The topic is Marine Corps Marksmanship on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. It's Mike and Bennett sharing range stories, something every Marine can relate to. In the Marine Corps rifle qualification is an annual thing. The summer months are jammed full of range time. Mike instructed 17 lieutenant details and countless requals aboard MCB Quantico. Life as a coach and combat marksmanship trainer has it's pros and cons and plenty of sea stories.

Throughout the history of the Marine Corps, one common variable has forever linked the old Corps to the new; marksmanship. Marines were recruited and tested on their marksmanship skills as the main qualifying standard for service. As sharp shooters of the sea, Marines would climb up into the rigging of ships and pick off distant enemy targets on the decks of opposing vessels.  

Bucking around on the high-seas smokin' red coats at distance..RAH

Marksmanship matters because that's how we earn our keep as Marines, accurate fire on positively identified threats...ie, slaying bodies! 

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