103: Feet; Love Them or Hate Them

Posted by Michael J. Penney on

On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike and Bennett talk about….feet. Taking care of them in the field. Touching them inappropriately. Smashing them on things. Kicking your kids toys like there GD soccer balls.

Mike recently had an excruciating run in with a plastic Jeep while trying to hook a beach ball across the living room. The pinky. That all too precious little guy out on the end – stings. Bennett smashed his piggies on a boating trip. The visual of this may haunt you. Oh and a strip club story that is not to be missed. If you hate feet, you’ll probably heev a little. Fair warning!

We are not opposed to personal messaging disgusting nail photos upon request.

Hop you enjoy this episode, we had some laughs. Good times.

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