105: Blue to Green, Going From Marines To Army

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Bennett and Mike discuss the ‘Blue to Green’ program and what it’s like going from the Marine Corps to the Army. Bennett joined the Marine Corps, attended boot camp then went on to school of infantry where he passed the recon indoc – never going to a traditional “line company”. He spent the whole time in the recon community and primarily finning around like a GD fish all day long. After getting out and doing the stock broker thing for a little while, he decided to hop back in the Corps.; should be easy right?

After being told he’d needed to jump down a paygrade and probably wouldn’t get the recon MOS back, Bennett decided to join the Army infantry. Marine recon to army infantry: 10th Mountain - Just a few subtle differences.

This episode has actual information in it, as well, if you really are interested in crossing over.

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