115: Porta Potty Pics and Funny Sayings

Posted by Michael J. Penney on

The guys talk porta potty pics and funny sayings on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories.

Every veteran has had to use a porta-john, porta potty, porta shitter - whatever. The walls of many toilets have been scrawled upon by travellers passing thru. They are typically covered with jokes and nasty sayings. Some of it can be pretty entertaining while you’re doing your business. The inside of a plastic outhouse becomes a canvas of art work, a tapestry display for a variety of artists. Be prepared to see some lewd images and read some vulgar language.

Want to checkout some toilet art live and in person? Here’s a hint; Some of the best pieces can be found on air bases that are high traffic - Kuwaiti shitters have some epic jokes.

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