116: Gotta See First Sergeant Monday Morning

Posted by Michael J. Penney on

“Ya gotta go see first sergeant monday morning.” What? Why? Hmmmmmmm, those tequila shots were probably a bad idea.

On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories we talk about the stupid crap we did as privates. The libo incidents that should have ruined our careers. Hittin’ the blotter on weekend liberty.  It’s 1st sgt’s favorite thing to do - the ninja punch! NJP, or Article 15 if you’re one of those.

Ok, not all 1st sgt’s are out to slay lance criminals down to private, but some have a true passion to bend the will of the young and unfortunate. Not to say the poor bastard didn’t have it coming, it’s - just he got caught. Standing tall in front of “the man”. It can happen to anyone. (and has happened to every good Marine) So, please share your sea stories with us. Send us an email to contact@cigarsandseastories.com. We’ll read them on the air.


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