126: Weather and The Effect It Can Have On Morale

Posted by Michael J. Penney on

On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Bennett and Mike discuss weather and the effect it can have on morale. Such as standing in ankle deep puddles of water all day long or digging out snowy parapets to shoot from. Experiencing the famous Afghan “hundred days of wind” and waking up to a sleeping bag filled with sand. Stormy nights on post, sleep deprived and bleary eyed from too many hours of being soaked to the bone.

From the deserts of the middle east to the jungles of the south pacific and every mountain top and muddy valley in between. We have fought and trained in every clime and place that we could take a gun. -- Only now can we finally admit how miserable it really was!

LET’s FACE IT -- Nobody ever sits back with a cold one and a stogie to reminisce how easy life has been.

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