145: M9 Service Pistol

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike and Bennett are talking about the M9 service pistol. Beretta has had a stranglehold on the 9 millimeter contract for 3 decades. In the ‘80s the U.S. government put out a call for a large capacity pistol chambered in 9mm. It needed to have a single action and double action feature, an external hammer, and external safety; Beretta gave ‘em a bonus by adding a decocking lever. Anyone who has trained with the M9, in standard qualifying conditions, will tell you it shoots pretty well. It’s relatively easy to handle. There is little to no recoil, making it easy to deliver repeated shots on target. All that’s great when you’re on a range but combat is a different story. While buddy-rushing toward the enemy it’s common to drop into the prone position; you’re trained to get into the prone position. Combat style drop holsters, worn against the thigh, are slammed into the dirt and dust. All that crud gets into the top of the pistol jamming it. It’s happened to COUNTLESS veterans... well those who rated having a pistol.  Bennett shares an excellent sea story of a soldier who decided to throw his pistol after failing to function. Listen, laugh, subscribe, rate and review the podcast. (we suggest 5 stars on iTunes) Thank you for your support.

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