155: Sick In The Field

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike and Bennett are sharing stories about being sick in the field. Sick on deployment, during training, in boot camp. Being sick sucks a lot. In general being sick is not fun. Compounded with austere conditions the experience is down right miserable. It’s important to define our terms here cuz sick can mean a lot of things. By sick we mean filth. Utter wretch. For instance, Mike spent a couple of nights in the full sleeping system puking and shitting until there was nothing left. Shivering in a bone-chilling 120+ degree heat trying to keep op tempo rolling. Bennett with his bouts of crazy pneumonia and stories of horrible nights spent in the bathroom, blood vessels bursting while he’s cat-backing it into the porcelain god. What a scene!

Whatever it is, getting sick in the field is a nightmare. We know you have got some horrific stories of becoming ill abroad. Share your tales of getting sick in the field. Subscribe, rate and review the show now on iTunes, Stitcher and Player FM.

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