156: Jeff Loeb, Marine Combat Veteran of Khe Sanh, Vietnem

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Bennett and Mike sit down with Jeff Loeb, Marine combat veteran of Khe Sanh, Vietnem.

In the Marine Corps, Jeff had a dual MOS: artillery fire direction controller and interpreter, both of which he did in Viet Nam in 1968 and 1969, serving with Headquarters 1/11 (Khe Sanh, Cua Viet, Hill 29) and Bravo 1/11 (Charlie-2, Con Thien, Hill 55, and the “Riviera,” south of Marble Mountain. In addition to these duties, Jeff also was a FA forward observer and radio operator assigned to 2/1 while on “the Riviera” and at Hill 55. After service, jeff held a variety of occupations; a truck-driver, furniture mover, bartender and waiter, radio reporter, carpenter, farmer, construction worker, professional photographer, assistant city manager, house painter, and raiser/protector of dogs, cats, horses, birds, and many other animals.  Jeff finished his PhD in English from the University of Kansas. He has taught literature and writing for thirty years at UK, Johnson County Community College, and at The Pembroke Hill School; a prep-school in Kansas City, Missouri.
Jeff has published over forty academic articles and forewords to books, primarily on the African American literature of the Viet Nam War, in addition to three portions of a memoir-in-progress, all published in War, Literature, and the Arts: “Epiphany in Memphis”, “Brisance” and, just this month, “Gathering the Seasons” (http://wlajournal.com/wlaarchive/28/loeb.pdf), based on his service in Viet Nam and the aftermath. In addition, he has written two novels, that are unpublished at this point.

Jeff embodies the Marine Corps spirit. He’s a brother to generations of warriors spanning from the battlefields of Vietnam to Afghanistan, collecting priceless sea stories along the way.

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