173: Etool, Standard Issue Entrenching Tool

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E-Tool - Mike and Bennett sit down to BS about the basics on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. The entrenching tool - the United States Marine Corps has been issuing them since the Civil War. Since then it’s come a long way. Innovations such as a serrated edge, tanto point and triangular handle have helped evolve the E-Tool into what it is today, which is basically still just a little shovel. Individual Marines are issued the tool so they can fill sand bags, dig fighting positions and, with any luck, get a confirmed kill. Every Marine, especially the grunts, have had the dream of smashing and slashing a terrorist with that hunk of metal. So begins the debate…

How do you prefer to deploy your E-tool as a weapon?

Some prefer the 90 degree angle for axe-like wielding. Others lock the E-tool straight out to slice and stab. On the one hand a pick axe style tool would cause some serious damage, but fully extended, the E-tool becomes a machete.

So what’s your opinion- 90 degree or straight? - Share your comments on cigarsandseastories.com

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