178: Beards

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Beards! Whether you’re a big burly beastly man rockin’ a Jeremiah Johnson jowl-hanger or a hairless warrior monk with full on fu manchu, the beard is a blessed thing to be admired by all. On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Bennett and Mike are talking fancy facial follicles, celebrity scruff, and taliban feared “bearded ones” who triumphantly ride into battle on horseback. Beards are a hallmark of the veteran community (Check out Grunt Fest 5) and we rockin em hard!  However, there are a few in the American hipster subculture that have adopted a bearded look. Mike has a few tips for how to question an interesting party to determine the true level of hipster you’re engaging with, be it metro sexual, lumber sexual or the poser. DO NOT CONFRONT they will, most likely, retreat to a “safe space” and tattle. These slouchy beanie, plaid clade, skinny jean wearing D-baggers do not have the best interests of the bearded man in mind and are to be avoided at all times. -- Each beard has it’s own unique look. Many go au naturale others use product to achieve manly perfection. Whatever you go with, buy veteran!

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