179: Foreign Weapons

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It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to tell you the AK-47 platform is the most widely produced firearm of all time. They are everywhere around the globe and used by both ally and enemy alike. Mikhail Kalashnikov took the design from the German STG-44. (The crazy looking rifles he saw Nazis running around with during his time as a tank commander in WWII.) He advanced the bolt mechanism and applied design elements that could be easily mass produced. The result is a reliable firearm that can be cranked out for cheap. All of Kalashnikov’s designs bear a similar genius. The guys talk about what it’s like working with PKMs and the hazards of firing RPDs. Swapping stories of the good ol days shooting G3, SKS, FN FAL, RPK, MP5, MP7, Thompson...  All this gun geekness has got us hot and bothered.

Got some favorite foreign weapons we failed to mention?  Share your thoughts and foreign weapons pics in the comment section on our website cigarsandseastories.com 

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