203: Happy Independence Day!!!

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Happy Independence Day!!!

The 4th of July, 1776, is a date recognized by nations around the world as a defining moment for all mankind. An assembly of leaders presented the idea for a new republic, one which derives it’s power from the people through representation. Something they did not have in parliament. They declared independence in order to lead and govern themselves. The gall of those colonists! Telling the world’s greatest super power to piss off in the name of freedom. It was a bold move that is still heralded and revered by admirer and enemy alike. Bennett and Mike un-apologetically display their patriotism by sharing some of the virtues of American citizenship. That being the freedom we have as a people to pursue happiness, by our own means, to whatever end we so choose. It's up the individual, to go out and add value. A nation of individuals free to pursue their own dreams. Bringing individual strength to a cause greater than oneself. Uniting as one to prevail. For out of many, there is one - America




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