224: Preventiative Maintenance

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Preventative maintenance is the topic of discussion on this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories. The guys are sharing stories about downed vehicles and what it really means to have a “deadlined vic”. The HMMWV was originally put into service by the Army (go figure) in 1981. Over the next 10 years 100,000 were in use worldwide. HMMWVs need to stay running on average 4-6 hours per day in combat conditions. They’re the main source of travel for the majority of our fighting forces on the ground.

Mike was a driver with 3/7 weapons CAAT Red in Ramadi (05-06). While serving in combat he quickly realized the importance of that billet. The truck brings the whole fight to the enemy. If it's not in peak condition the team, and the crew served weapon system on top, will be out of action. Bennett was working on boats during his time in the Corps. It's amazing what salt water can do to a motor. He later went on to serve with Army 10th Mountain where he enjoyed hours of bouncing around in HMMWVs.

Nowadays the guys are keeping up with their own vehicles. Only now they're bringing 5 Paragraph Business Plan to the masses. It's a new fight but the vic still needs to be in tip-top shape otherwise the mission isn’t getting accomplished.

It basically boils down to this. You've got to keep your gear clean and functioning properly if you're going to be successful, no matter what your mission is. Have confidence knowing you've got the right stuff whatever the mission calls for.


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