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The office: On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Bennett Tanton and Michael J. Penney are sharing tales of setting up shop out in the elements.

The American warrior makes their office in the field. Infantry life is a simple existence. Everything that one needs is transported via backpack, truck, or trailer. It isn’t always comfortable but it sure beats sitting in the cube farm all day, soaking in fluorescent lighting …. and other people’s skin flakes. Every corporation is trying to make an ecosystem for other humans to exist in. The infantry is exactly the opposite, we make every clime and place our office; so long as we can take a gun there….which is pretty much anywhere.

The “office” is just a matter of perspective. So, if you wanna wear pajamas and boots while traveling the countryside in luxury vehicles, setting up shop wherever you choose, we suggest you visit your local Marine Corps recruiter today. Some experiences may vary.

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