278: Gum in the field

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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Bennett Tanton and Michael J. Penney are talking about gum in the field. Gum, it’s a rather old invention. Humans have been chewing some form of gum for eons. Listen thru to the end of the episode to get Bennett’s factoids on gum.

Chewing gum in the field can help clean your teeth and freshen your breath, and according to lore, soften your stool. There has been a long time rumor that the gum in MREs is actually a laxative. Not sure where that one comes from but Bennett did the research on busting the myth. He unveils what he’s learned and more about MRE gum. Listen in.

Mike discusses the finer points of how to accurately shoot caffeine gum out of a slingshot. The Afghan kids have excellent rock throwing skills. So well that they've been known to break noses, (see image @ cigarsandseastories.com). In order to combat the roughians during play time, the Marines on post would fire gum and candy on return volleys. All in good fun right?

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Marine nose broken

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